Inventors of Fiddle Focus® products,  inspired after years of work with children and adults dealing with ADHD/ADD, Autism and OCD.  You’ll want to hear their success stories.


Authors from fiction—to humor—to in-depth explorations into the area of human development, Humphries and Rains have become the “must have” team for conventions, conferences, seminars and benefits. 


Humphries and Rains should be YOUR next speakers! With years of experience in the fields of human development and early childhood education, they are dedicated professionals that bring a new message of inclusive excellence and positive change to all audiences. 

Dr. Jane Humphries and Kari Rains are both moms and professionals in the field of early childhood.  They work together to provide educators, administrators, parents and other caregivers with the knowledge and research that supports best-practices when working with people, especially those that need to fiddle to focus, talk and learn! With presentation styles that compliment each other, participants have commented on the interactive, entertaining and fun learning environment that they create!

Topics Include

• Sensory Care for Sensory Sensitive Children

• Working with Parents
• Establishing and Maintaining Relationships
• Child Development

• Program Leadership
• Play
• Infant/Toddler Development and Care
• Behavior and Guidance
• Classroom Environments
• Learning Through Play
• Temperament and Personality 

• Children with Special Needs

• Supporting Children Through Disruptive Change